Get Involved!

1). Fill out a Connecticut Hospice General Volunteer Application.

If you have a valid driver’s license, please consider signing up to be a shift leader. Each shift leader (weekly carpool driver) opens up another time slot for an additional team of five volunteers! 

YUCH General Volunteer Application.pdf

2). Fill out an Attendance Policy Form

YUCH Attendance Contract.pdf

3). Submit the two documents with a copy of your physical and health records.

Volunteers need to show evidence of a routine physical and turn in a copy of their health records to the Connecticut Hospice. The required health form is attached to the general application. Please staple all application materials together and submit them in a sealed manila envelope labeled with your printed name to the YUCH Dwight Hall mailbox. All application information will be kept strictly confidential.

4). Join our email panlist for important orientation dates and shift sign-ups.

While there are no interviews, a mandatory meeting for new volunteers will be held at the beginning of each semester. Email one of the co-presidents (Emily Chen & Sarah Oyadomari) to be added to the panlist for important dates & times.

5. Attend the new volunteers meeting and OSHA training.

The mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration training is provided by the Hospice staff for new volunteers and those who need to update their records annually (usually in October). Again, the panlist will be emailed with the important dates & times.