Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often will I be expected to volunteer?

    Volunteers are expected to attend one three-hour (bi-)weekly shift.  Traveling to and from the Hospice adds an additional 30 minutes to an hour to the (bi-)weekly commitment.

2. Where is the Connecticut Hospice, and how do I get there?

       The Connecticut Hospice is located 100 Double Beach Road Branford, CT 06405. Shift leaders drive all volunteers to and from CT Hospice.

3. What tasks do Hospice volunteers perform?

       Volunteers perform a variety of tasks. Some are more hands-on, such as keeping patients company and helping nurses get patients ready for bed, while others are less hands-on (yet still equally important!), such as providing each room with clean, cold water. Depending on what time of the day your shift is, the tasks you and your fellow volunteers are responsible for will change. 

4. What is the dress code when volunteering at the Connecticut Hospice?

      As a volunteer, just remember to always wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, and your Hospice volunteer ID card.

5. What is the structure of each shift?

       Each shift consists of a shift leader and three to four additional volunteers.   

6. What times/days are shifts available?

      We try to find shifts that will fit everyone’s schedules.  Shifts are typically available every day of the week in the mornings, afternoons, and/or evenings (9 to 12 am, 1 to 4 pm, and 6 to 9 pm).   

7. How do I become a shift leader?

       Shift leaders have typically volunteered with hospice for at least a semester, but there are exceptions! Anyone who wants to become a shift leader must be approved by Dwight Hall to drive a Dwight Hall car, which can be done by taking an online driving safety course.  

To get DH certified:

1. Take the Yale online driver safety awareness class at:

2. Register as DHD by bringing a copy of your certificate of completion of that course, Yale ID, and driver’s license to the Dwight Hall Main Office (open M-F 9 am-5 pm)

8. How closely do volunteers and hospice patients interact?

       Volunteers interact directly with patients often.  These interactions range from helping CNAs or nurses turn over patients before bed to accompanying patients outside for fresh air.    

9. How do I reserve a car?

To reserve a car: